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What do you mean by paper weight?

Paper is often described in terms of its density which is measured by its weight. This is termed as the grams per square metre, abbreviated to gsm. When you are asked what weight or gsm you want your job printed on, it means how thick or heavy do you want the paper to be. The lower the gsm the more transparent the paper is.

Standard copy paper that you find in most offices or homes is 80gsm and this is what we print our black and white copies on at Burleigh Print. Our standard colour printing is done on a 100gsm paper as this is a denser paper stock it holds the heavier ink coverage often present in colour printing and gives a higher quality finish. Items that will be heavily handled and need longevity, such as business cards, need to be printed on a denser stock. We recommend at least a 300gsm card stock for these print jobs.

Burleigh Print has digital machines which are able to process paper and card stock ranging from 80gsm up to 300gsm. We are also able to print on denser stock with larger offset print runs.

Once you have decided on what weight paper stock you need there is also a choice of finishes including: uncoated; matt coated or gloss coated. This will be covered in our next blog.

We are happy to recommend the best paper weight to suit your individual print job and invite you to come in and have a look at our paper samples.


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