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Laminating – the pros and cons

Did you know we offer an extensive range of laminating options? We can laminate any size (well almost). From wallet size cards through to large posters, in gloss, matt and extra heavy duty we can offer you a laminating solution.

Laminating can prevent the document from becoming creased, sun damaged, wrinkled, stained, smudged, abraded or marked by grease, fingerprints and environmental concerns.

Remember, laminating is permanent so if it is something that is irreplaceable then we often recommend that you have the item copied and/or scanned first. This is because while we take every effort to ensure a good result, we cannot guarantee it. Laminating is a tricky business and there can be issues such as creasing, bubbling, folding or warping.

It is also important to note that anything that is thermal printed, such as concert tickets, cannot be laminated. This is because thermal printing is a heat process, to put the item back through another heat process will turn the page black and the item will be destroyed.

Bring in your precious documents today and let us laminate them for you.


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