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What can we do with your photos?

Photo enhancement can be as simple as colour and contrast manipulation or reducing red eye but it can go much further than this.

Photo Restoration:

Old family photographs can be torn, cracked, faded, stained or have a corner torn off. In most cases we can restore it to its original condition­ or better! Digital photo restoration doesn’t harm your original photograph and can keep your memories safe by restoring and preserving your family history.


Photo Retouching:

Retouching is done to enhance a photograph not actually repair the photo. We can retouch your photo when it needs a few adjustments such as colour balancing, red-eye or other minor improvements. Retouching can add a professional look that is sometimes missing in the original photograph.

We can also give your ordinary snapshot that glamour look for that special gift or keepsake. We can soften wrinkles, reduce weight, fix that double chin, recolour grey hair, colour correction, remove pimples and skin blemishes, give you a tan, whiten and brighten your teeth, remove red-eye, or change your eye colour, tidy stray hair, add makeup, open closed eyes, just tell us what you would like done and we can discuss what digital magic we can do for you.

Photo Editing:

Do you want the ex partner removed from the family photo? Or is there an object distracting the eye from the subject of the photo? Maybe there are people in the background spoiling your holiday photo; we can remove them for you.

Did somebody miss out on being in the picture? Or maybe you don’t have a photo of yourself and special person or pet? Maybe your Aunt was too slow and missed getting into the family portrait, we can fix that. We can add a person or object to most photos. We do our best to blend the new person or object into the photo so that they don’t look like they have just been pasted in. Please note that not all photos are suitable to have a person or object added or removed.

We can also change the background of your favourite photo by deep etching. Changing the background can create a whole new feel of a photo. A dreary wall can become a beautiful garden or some other scene just like they do in the movies. We can also remove any backgrounds to give a clean image of a product for marketing purposes.

There are many digital alterations we can do on your photographs. However it is important to keep in mind that not all photos are suited to digital manipulation and sometimes it may be quite time consuming to enhance photos as it is all done by hand. We encourage you to bring in your photo and have a chat with our team about what we can do for you.


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