Spiral Comb Binding


Placing a glossy transparent cover and sturdy leathergrain card backing on your document we then use our electronic in-house machinery to punch specially measured holes across the spine of your document.

This is then placed on our fitting machine so a spiral comb that has been size matched to your document can be fitted. This is the perfect option if you think you may

need to add or remove pages from your document at any stage as we can easily open up the spiral without damaging any part of the document or finishing.

Thermal Binding


Thermal binding turns your document into a professionally bound book and is a permanent process. After we accurately align your pages the document is placed into the spine of a cover with a transparent front and leathergrain card backing. This is then placed on our hot plate which melts the glue; to hold the pages in place the book is cooled on our specially designed cooling rack. This is a highly professional finish for your document.