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Different Paper Finishes

Paper surfaces all feel different and this is due to the treatment or finish it is given. Generally you have a choice between uncoated, matte and gloss coated.

Uncoated paper has a finish feeling very slightly smoother than standard photocopy paper.

Matte coated paper has no surface shine and a slightly toothy or rough feel.

Gloss coated is smooth and with a glossy finish, similar to the texture of a glossy magazine. Gloss coated paper show richer, more vibrant colour because the ink sits on the surface coating rather than sinking into the paper fibre like the uncoated papers. It is often used for promotional materials.

You may also hear the term cast-coated. This is a process used for coating paper to achieve a high gloss finish. Usually only one side is very flat, smooth and glossy with the flip side being plain.

Some papers have a patterned texture pressed into the paper; this is referred to as embossed. You will be able to run your fingers over the paper and feel the raised pattern. This type of paper is often used for decorative purposes such as invitations.

Silk or Satin finish papers have a low surface shine and are not as toothy as matte coated and not as smooth as gloss coated

We have a wide variety of paper and card to choose from at Burleigh Print and we would be happy to show you our samples. Please check with our staff if you have your own paper that you want to print on as not all paper is suitable to use in digital printers.


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